The Lacemaker and other pictures on show in architects’ window

From Saturday 23 February at Nick Joyce Architects, Barbourne Road, Worcester WR1

The window displays a selection of pieces inspired by the traditional craft of lace making. In the centre lies a copy of the famous Vermeer painting, The Lacemaker, which is flanked be a contemporary pastel work of the same name and an abstract screen print based on the domestic interior. Also displayed is the patchwork Quilt made up of 171 individual mono prints all taken from pieces of old lace or embroidery.

The work celebrates these crafts, traditionally practiced by women at a time when it was often their only form of creative outlet.

‘The Lacemaker’ Pastel on paper (50cm x 60cm Framed)
‘Still Life Abstract’ Artist’s Proof (30cm x 50cm Framed)

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