Lucian Freud A Self Portrait (b 1922- d1911)

Exhibition on Screen

For those of us privileged to see this showing at cinemas on Tuesday it was a wonderful insight to the career and thinking of one of the great figure painters. Lucian Freud isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but in my mind he is a painter’s painter and this showing referenced his connection to other great painters such as Rembrandt, Hockney and Auerbach, I am sure there were many more. Freud was working throughout the 20 Century and emerged from the likes of Sutherland and mingled with Minton,  Bacon and Picasso. Therefore his enquiring mind, like any artist, must have taken reference from all quarters. The film gave a fascinating insight into the progression of his work over the passage of time.

This was my first time at an exhibition screening and I had expected a walk through of the show. This didn’t happen although most of the works were shown at some point, what did happen was the screening of larger than life close ups of his portraits, showing every brush mark, colour and detail – fabulous – I was on the edge of my seat examining them.

Another absolutely wonderful ingredient was the interviews with Freud himself and the live insight into his studio. At one point he was talking, choosing brushes, mixing paint, trying it on the studio walls and then aiming his brush towards the canvas… at which point the film cut! A tease all the way!

Freud’s reputation towards social behaviour and women in particular was probably not to be commended. Did this idiosyncratic personality make him a great painter? I don’t think so, he was a person totally and utterly dedicated to his craft and he let nobody and no thing distract him from his quest. He choose his subjects and sitters – some people he just couldn’t paint as they offered nothing of interest to him. He had the fortune to apply himself to it for a long life time (he was still painting at his death at 89). Personally, I think he had a way of seeing that was unique – others may disagree.

 ” I want each picture that I’m working on to be the only picture that i’m working on …….the only picture that i’ve ever work on…….. the only picture that anyone has ever done”

Lucian Freud

Further reading: A face to the world on self portraits by Laura Cummings 

Man with a Blue Scarf: On Sitting For a Portrait by Lucian Freud by Martin Gayford


Faces & Portraits Starting 13 Jan 2020

Five Week Course £65 or £15/session (inc. model fees)

Suitable for beginners and those wishing to develop portrait drawing. Working directly from the model the sessions cover a variety of ways of introducing originality into representing the human face. Course covers the basics of structure and proportion using a variety of drawing materials.


Mondays 7pm to 9pm at Bishop Perowne College Worcester.


Thursday Afternoon Art Starting 16 Jan 2020

Lindisfarne House, Barbourne Terrace, Worcester.

‘Turkish Hazelnut’ by Wendy Owen

1.30pm to 4 pm

Fee: £9/session paid termly in advance

General drawing and painting class for all levels of ability. Working with a variety of mediums across a broad range of subject matter from abstract to animals. An ideal space to share your creative ideas with like minded people.

5 week term starts Thursday 13 January 2020

Monday Morning Art Starting 13 Jan 2020

The Cob House, Martley, Worcestershire

Weekly 10am to 12.30pm

Fee: £10/session paid termly in advance

General drawing and painting class for all levels of ability. Working with a variety of mediums across a broad range of subject matter from abstract to animals. An ideal space to share your creative ideas with like minded people.

5 week term starts Monday 13 January 2020

Saturday Afternoon Art Starting 11 Jan 2020

16 York Place, Worcester. WR1 3DR

1pm to 4pm Fortnightly

Dates to Easter 2020: January 11, 25. February 8, 22. March7, 21. April 4.

Fee: £20/session

‘Garden Flower’ Pastel on Paper (40cm x 100cm)

This small group of artist meet fortnightly to work either on their own projects or take advantage of the tuition and subject matter provided. Suitable for beginners or those wanting to concentrate on their own practice.

Contact Karen if you are interested in joining this group.


New Year News 2020

Welcome everybody and a very Happy New Year to all!

So much has happened since Karen Stone Art evolved and I would like to thank everyone who has supported us whether by attending workshops or courses, visiting at open studios or simply enjoying a passion for art together.

Here are a few memories that that made me either smile, laugh, cry and above all feel enormously privileged to have creativity in my life.

Unframed exhibition Chapel Galley Bromyard.

I was delighted to have my very large drawing of a fictitious seaside harbour (1.5M x 2.5M) selected for this show but had to smile when, on the opening night, I saw it had been hung upside down. In fairness to the curators it did work well upside down. A lesson in making sure you mark the orientation of your work clearly! The drawing was completed at a workshop on experimental drawing that I was lucky enough to attend at the Royal Academy.


The Outdoor Summer Sketching Course was altered from previous years in that this summer we moved away from our usual venue to visit a number of different gardens. Some open to the public via English Heritage or Open Gardens, and some private gardens of friends whose hospitality I was graced with. On one particular visit to a beautiful garden near Bromyard refreshments included fizz and strawberries – let it not be said that Karen Stone Art lacks class! The photograph above shows us all hard at work!

‘Still Life Abstract’ Artist’s Proof (30cm x 50cm Framed)

Worcestershire Open Studios arrived far too quickly and I was very excited to have the image of my screen print Still Life with Orange on show at the walkway, behind Waitrose in Malvern. This is an old print from my university days but I still love it.

Max and I had the studio open at York Place. Here he is with his easel and paints.

Sadly, and amidst many tears, I lost my faithful studio assistant later in the year. I know he will be missed by many and I shall miss him always.


Karen Stone Art is fortunate to know so many extremely talented students whose work I regularly post on the face book page. Below is an image from a Christmas card I received. The artist is Tess Jay and she came to a her first lino printing workshop this autumn where she got to grips with the technique, bought the optional kit and went home to design and make these lovely cards.

Finally, I am delighted to introduce my new studio assistant, Basil. He found me after a period of roaming the streets and is a little bit of an escape artist rather than a visual one at present. He is not quite ready to be introduced to all the roles that Max filled so competently but his training is going very well and early indications show that he is certain to pass his probationary period. Here he is helping with sea paintings in Pembrokeshire.

All good wishes for 2020







Beginners Portraiture Workshop 28 March 2020

Saturday 28 March 2020 10 am to 4 pm

Stable Studio, Bevere Gallery, Worcester WR3 &RQ

Price £85 (includes lunch and refreshments plus materials)


This workshop offers the study of the basics of portraiture looking at the the features and proportions of the human face and how to begin looking. It is aimed at those who have always wanted to draw and paint people but don’t know where to start. Simply the basics.

Palette Knife Acrylics Workshops 29 February & 14 March 2020

Saturday 29th February 2020 10 am to 4 pm

Saturday 14th March 2020 – Fully Booked

Stable Studio, Bevere Gallery, Worcester WR3 7RQ

Price £85 (includes lunch and refreshments plus materials for the day. Materials available to purchase to continue your practice).

This workshop centres around the use of acrylic paint applied with a palette knife. General instructions for the use of acrylics are given and the workshop focuses on how to active results using a palette knife. A truly enjoyable experience with the freedom to move paint around and absorb yourself in creativity. The workshop begins with some simple exercises and progresses through to the creation of your own masterpiece. No previous drawing or painting experience necessary.


Experimental Watercolours Workshop 1 February 2020

Saturday 1st February 2020 10am to 4pm

16 York Place Worcester WR1 3DR

Price £65 (includes refreshment and light lunch. Materials pack £5 available to purchase.

Indulge yourself in a day in a day exploring different techniques that can be used to enhance this beautiful and vibrant medium.

The workshop covers a variety of conventional and non-conventional materials over a broad spectrum of subject matter. The emphasis is on creativity with paint so drawing skills are not essential. Everyone guaranteed at least four art pieces by the end of the workshop. Materials pack includes different papers to experiment with.