The beauty of the monotype

Monotypes and mono prints are viewed, in the art world, as unique images.

A monotype is a print whereby the image has been created each time and there is no reusable matrix.

A mono print differs in that it has a common underlying matrix with other prints but it differs in terms of colour or finish.


There are lots of different ways of producing monotypes and I like to use it as a process of mark making to construct a visual work. The images above shows the acetate used over several inking applications with the image in the process of emerging. The second image  shows and a negative print taken from the final acetate.

I often combine several base resource materials such as leaves and flowers together with sketches of my own. I use the printing process itself in a painterly fashion often working with different elements over a period of time before reaching a result I am happy with.

Interestingly, the negative transparencies that evolve form images of their own with a different quality to the finished print (shown below). 

The two finished prints form part of The Marks We Leave Behind  collection of work. They can be seen in detail on the Gallery Page