Large Scale Experimental Drawing Day Feedback

“I thoroughly enjoyed it. A bit daunting at first but a great challenge! I am itching to do some more painting………The big board awaits.”

Susan Catford

The day started with experiments in mark making. Mark making is a principal part in any drawing process. The marks you make can dramatically alter what you are attempting to convey visually, so a series of short, sharp marks can depict movement or agitation whereas long curving marks can show calm and softness. These marks were initially made as a response to certain words and then progressed into a series of marks made as a response to a short paragraph of creative writing. Just about anything and everything in the studio was employed to make the marks.

In the second half of the workshop students used the results of the mornings work to create a more resolved art piece that brought together many different marks and drawing methods.

The whole process was an exercise in taking new approaches to visual representation whilst removing preconceived ideas of how a drawing should be constructed.

‘Figures’ A V-B

‘Townscape’ FR
‘Woodland A V-B